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Leading Hanger Manufacturer In Delhi of Plastic Hangers and Other Plastic Components.


The hanger is an indispensable part of everyone’s wardrobe. From skirts and trousers to suits and coats, a good hanger makes sure that clothes don’t lose their shape and last longer.

BKG AUTOMOTIVE PVT LTD., a leading Hanger Manufacturer In Delhi , understands this need and has been producing high-quality hangers for over two decades now.

With an ISO 9001:2015 certification, the company uses only virgin raw materials to make its hangers, ensuring that they are only producing high-quality hangers that meets international standards.

The market for hangers is evergreen and BKG AUTOMOTIVE PVT LTD. has been catering to this segment since 2011. We are the leading Hanger Manufacturer In Delhi.

With manufacturing unit in Delhi, we cater to the needs of clients globally.

We offer a wide range of hangers made from virgin polypropylene and are credited with introducing innovative designs in this product category. Our products are exported all over the world.