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New Bottom Hanger Developed for Modern Retail

New Footwear Hanger Developed for Modern Retail In 2 Different Sizes.

Belt, Slipper and shoe hangers:
Organising at best! The ultimate accessories to keep your belts, shoes and slippers in a proper way

Body Hanger with Metal Hook:
No more cribbing about Space Crunch in a shop. Get body hangers instead of Mannequins now! The metal hook makes it more sturdy and gives an excellent finish.

Body Hanger with Plastic Hook:
Full display of clothes in minimum space with Body Hanger with plastic hook.

Bottom hangers with the metal hook:
If you’re looking for the best bottom hangers with metal hooks, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at , we have a wide selection of bottom hangers with metal hooks to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a specific style or just a general bottom hanger with metal hooks, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Bottom hangers with the plastic hook:
Sturdy and cleverly constructed for bottom wears, these hangers are perfect for garment display shops.

Buyer specific hanger:
Clothes come in different shapes, and people have different needs and visions with collection and storage ideas. This section is for them! Check out our massive collection of cloth hangers to choose according to your taste and need.

Coat and jacket hanger:
Classy-wide shoulders and sturdy build, these luxurious plastic hangers are thoughtfully designed for coats of any size and weight.

Combination and lingerie hangers:
Save store’s space and eliminates lingerie damage with Lingerie hangers now! Classy hangers with a metal and plastic swivel hooks, they are best for all kinds of intimate wear storage.

Polybag and boxer hangers:
With sturdy steel on the hook for durability and stability, these hangers are a fundamental need in the textile industry.

Saree and scarf hangers:
Simple and elegant looking hangers which are thoughtfully designed hangers with easy pull-out is convenient for storing delicate outfits like sarees and scarves.

Shawl and saree hangers with the metal hook:
Made with fine materials, this is perfect for hanging the exquisite sarees and chic shawls.

Top hanger with metal hook
Small details keep your clothes in top shape! Check out our top hangers with a metal hook to make your cloth arrangement an easy way!

Top hanger with plastic hook
These hangers have busted out onto the home-organisation scene while saving room and instantly give your closets a calming, uncluttered look.